Below are testimonials that our centre has received from parents who have their children in our care.

Thanks Bee,  

We have loved reading these updates all year!  The graduation last week was a wonderful way to celebrate a fantastic year of kinder.  Please pass on my thanks to the whole team – I could tell the whole centre put in a huge effort to make the event such a success, and I can truly say it was all worth it.  Imogen had a wonderful time and was so proud of her achievements and those of the whole class.  

I’m so glad that we decided to keep Imogen at Kids Resort for her Kinder year – the program you run really seems to be unparalleled when compared to anywhere else in the area, the resources in the room are fantastic and all the staff have been wonderful.  Imogen has really enjoyed the year and we have loved watching her learning progress and growing independence.  Thank you to you and the team for your efforts all year – Imogen is well and truly ready for school next year and is very excited to get started.  


To Kids Resort,  
I am writing to provide notice that Tahj will be relinquishing his position in the Kinder room.   Tahj's last day of attendance will be Tuesday December 2, 2014.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Kids Resort for the care of not only Tahj but also Bailie over the last 3 years.   Tahj has moved from Room 3 through to 6 and has grown ever more confident with each year.   For both of our children to attend the Kinder Room under Bee's guidance has been a blessing, and I do not say that lightly.  
The entire team for the last two years have been extremely professional and in my opinion go above and beyond in the program to provide the children with the skills needed to comfortably transition to school and thrive in the process.The intuition you have for the children's natures is amazing and the subtle ways in which you help mould them to be the best little version of themselves is fabulous.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to their dedication to their role. On the times when Bailie and Tahj's grandparents were visiting, they have taken so much joy away from being able to spend time in the room with them and these remain as precious memories for us all. I am constantly raving with others of the care and education provided to my children and often hear that from a schools perspective they can tell a child who has come from Kids Resort as the school readiness is second to none.  This is something to be proud of and I wish you all the best and encourage you to keep this amazing program alive.

To all of the staff that have cared for Tahj and Bailie during our time with you, I say a big thank you.  We joined Kids Resort after relocating from NSW.  The children left everything and everyone they knew in their short lives behind, and the personal care given by you all has gone a long way to helping them settle and grow.  I ask that you pass on my sincere thanks to them all.   So this chapter of our life finishes when Tahj leaves your care, however the foundations that you provided our children will stay with them for life.  

Kind Regards,
Simone and Dean

I just want to say that your newsletter is fantastic! It just builds my confidence in the centre and staff more and more each time I read through it!
Also, I think it is amazing that all the carers from other rooms know my daughters name when we are leaving….I don’t even know their names, but they know Tiani. That really shows a complete devotion from everyone there to know all the kids names! It’s great!
Thank you! Regards, Kim

I would like to thank you and all the staff that have been involved in Samuel's care. He has thrived whilst attending Kids Resort. We have been amazed at how quickly he settled and the development that has occurred in his language skills. He has been happy to attend nursery and speaks of all the activities he gets up to on a daily basis. He has been particularly fond of your big sandpit. I only wish we could transport you all back to the UK with us. The care and commitment to high quality child care has been immense and will be hard to replicate back home.
Once again thank you.
Kindest regards
Dawn and Peter on behalf of Samuel

I would like to thank everyone at the Kids Resort... you are all fantastic. My daughter has been at the Kids resort since it opened September 08. Millie started when she was 11 months old and in that time she has thrived. All the staff are caring and compassionate. They understand her needs and wants, she has many friends and is a social butterfly and I believe that the day care centre is the reason for this. She is excited everyday to go to Daycare and see all the girls, which shows to me that she is loved and cared for. It is great to know that she is in good hands and that she loves to come to the centre everyday, it is like an extended family (as all of our family live overseas). I would like to thank you soo much for making my daughter feel so comfortable and confident in the centre... you are all doing a FANTASTIC JOB.
Thank you
Sam and Ian

I just wanted to say that you are all doing such a fantastic job, Paora loves his time he spends at Day Care and it's such a peace of mind for us knowing that he is being cared for with warm hearts and loving people. It's been a huge change for him and ourselves since moving from NZ but you guys have all made his transition so easy.
We thank you so much.
Kind Regards,

Dear Stacey, Antoinette, Kristen, Sarah, Jessica, Margaret and everyone else from Room 6, Ashley, Nicole (gee I could name the whole team really)!!

With Taj off to school next year, I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for the past 16 months. Our time at Kids Resort has been most enjoyable. The team are always friendly and helpful and up for a chat. Taj has made lots of new friends and some very special friendships which I’m sure he will miss.

You guys have done an amazing job with the centre and putting together a fabulous team. From day one our introduction to the centre with Stacey and Kristen helped so much in our settling into the area after moving from the country. Having such approachable and friendly people to talk to is half the battle after a big move. Sometimes the days were tuff being away from friends but seeing you guys and having a chat made that much more bearable!

Taj will be back on a Monday in January until he starts school so we will see you around for a bit longer yet and then there will be plenty of visits with the new bub.

Kristen – I can’t believe you’re heading into the big smoke!! Thank you for all the chats and laughs and making it so easy for us to settle in. We wish you all the best in your new adventure xo

Sarah – Taj has had a fantastic time in the Kinder room and having a fun, friendly and approachable kinder teacher makes it so much easier for parents to relax. Thank you for your time and always listening. Having you and a great team which attribute to the educational and personality development of Taj is a privilege and you all get a big wrap from us in helping him on his journey to school. We wish you all the best with whatever you decide to take on next and enjoy your trip and travel safe xo
Take care, hugs and kisses
J Lee

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