Our Learning Environments

Our center consists of seven rooms, which are sectioned into two areas, children aged below three years old and children aged over three years old. Both areas run an indoor/outdoor program allowing children to explore and engage in both environments at their own leisure.

Our center has implemented the indoor/outdoor program due to our belief that it provides the opportunity for:

  • Less behavioural issues due to children not feeling restricted within one particular environment
  • Educators to become co-learners rather than reinforcing children to stay within one environment
  • Children become more engaged in areas of interest and extend on their learning
  • Children have more space to explore, engage and create learning opportunities
  • Children and educators are able to engage in meaningful conversations

Our learning environments are welcoming spaces that are carefully planned to support learning.  Our indoor and outdoor spaces support all aspects of children’s learning and invite conversations between children, educators and families; they promote opportunities for shared thinking and collaborative learning.